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AB Inbev

“The main reasons why we have chosen to work with Sponge Compliance, and will continue to work with them, are: flexibility, creativity and the user-friendly administration tool.”

Kylie Sturtz, Legal Director of Compliance & Competition

Allianz Belgium

 “We have been positively surprised by the ability of Sponge Compliance to suggest or anticipate any modification, and to adequately react to any Allianz Belgium request. For us, this was a key for success. They succeeded in customising the programme to our specific requests and needs. The programme was significantly reviewed and adapted to our environment.”

Xavier Thirifays, Head of Legal & Compliance

BMW Group

Compliance Basics & Code of Conduct at BMW

“Thanks to your team for the high-quality and fast implementation of the WBT. We are extremely satisfied with the results.”

Kai Karsten, Project Management Rollout Compliance Organization

Braas Monier Building Group Services GmbH

“May I take this opportunity to express my full respect and my personal thanks for the speediness and precision with which you have handled the barrage of emails from different contributors of our group. Quite honestly this was really much more than the quality of support one would normally hope for. Looking very much forward to continuing to work with you.“

Dr. Wilhelm Niemeier, Legal Advisor to Braas Monier Building Group Services GmbH

Burton’s Biscuit Company

“Burton’s Biscuit Company takes a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings within the UK and internationally. Sponge Compliance’s e-learning tool stood out as it was user friendly, clear and easy to digest. The course is modular which allows the user to complete in one sitting or across a number of days at times that work for them and the assessment means there is a base level of understanding reached. We are confident that the Sponge Compliance Anti-Bribery e-learning tool will give our employees the information they need to prevent or minimise the opportunities for bribery and enable our employees to gain an understanding of the UK Bribery Act and their responsibilities under this act.”

Casinos Austria AG

Anti-Corruption at Casinos Austria

“The group-wide rollout of the very well designed and highly educational eLearning module helped us communicate our anti-corruption guidelines to our employees in an effective and documented way. Their positive feedback showed that this was a high quality, efficient way to offer learning.”

Michael Mrak, Head of the Regulative Group Coordination/Compliance

Cyber Security Coalition Belgium

Driving GDPR awareness across Belgium with a powerful and tailored online GDPR readiness tool

“Having worked with Sponge Compliance previously, we were confident they were the ideal candidates to devise an informative, insightful programme that we could push out at scale.”

Jan Populaire, Projektmanager, BNP Paribas Fortis

DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

“Vigilance in financial transactions” – DEG prevents money laundering

“Thank you very much for the positive and professional collaboration. The web-based training on preventing money laundering in our institution was very well developed.”

Eva Roters, Compliance Officer

Eli Lilly Europe

“The co-operation with Sponge Compliance has been very good. Their account manager and the whole team have been extremely helpful with all of our queries and really provided useful support to remove road blocks. The response time of the Sponge Compliance team has been incredible.”

Florence Bayard, General Counsel/Legal Director

EMB-Wertemanagement Bau e. V.

‘Compliance’ E-Learning Module for Values Management in the Construction Industry

“The contents and concept of the e-learning program – which was tailored to our values management program – received positive feedback from the numerous learners at EMB’s partner companies. We are extremely satisfied with Sponge Compliance’s technical and educational expertise, and we are pleased that the tutorial has been as well received as we had hoped.”

Dipl.-Ing. Richard Weidinger, President

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG

Compliance Basics and Code of Conduct at EnBW

“We are extremely satisfied with our partnership with Sponge Compliance. We particularly valued the fact that Sponge Compliance’s experts contributed a great deal of practical experience and a comprehensive understanding of compliance and e-learning. We’ve received very positive feedback from the learners who have used the compliance tutorial. This is important, as it is not always an easy topic to incorporate into the approach to work and conduct of employees and managers over the long term.”

Dr. Birte Mössner, Head of Corporate Compliance

Forbo International SA

 “The cooperation between Forbo and Sponge Compliance and the technical support provided was all very good. Customising the programme to reflect Forbo’s ‘look and feel’ was done well.”

Karim Hanna, Head of Corporate Legal Services

Fritz Dräxlmaier GmbH & Co. KG

Anti-Corruption and Antitrust Law at the Dräxlmaier Group

“Thank you for our great collaboration over the past weeks. The hard work was worth it: our go-live in the Americas was a resounding success. Despite internal issues related to the performance of the network, the feedback was very positive. Special praise was reserved for the professional design, the practical examples, the way in which such a complex and ‘dry’ topic was made interesting, the superb English, and the final test (quite challenging). We clearly chose the right partner!”

Stephan Gröbe, Dir. Internal Auditing & Corporate Compliance

Global Fortune 200, customer since 2001

“Sponge Compliance are one of the most customer-focused and supportive organisations that I have dealt with in 25 years of business. Any issues that we raise, such as modifications to the software to better reflect our needs, are immediately addressed. Their software is well thought through and adaptable. Sponge Compliance consider themselves fully accountable for their operation.”

Gothaer Versicherungen

Anti-Trust for Insurances at Gothaer Versicherungen

“We’d like to thank Sponge Compliance for the pleasant, constructive and professional collaboration in all stages of the development of our WBT 'Kartellrecht für Versicherer' (Anti-Trust for Insurances). We are very satisfied with the final result – particularly considering the entirely positive feedback of the learners so far.”

Dirk Pooshoff, Head of Group Law

Heineken International

“It is clear that this online programme helps to communicate these important rules across the company in a very efficient way! The participants like the interactivity and user-friendliness of the programme. As with the previous roll-outs, Sponge Compliance was co-operative and we were very satisfied with the support provided.”

Sietze Montijn, Head of Corporate Affairs

HOCHTIEF Aktiengesellschaft

Combating Corruption at HOCHTIEF

“By now, the majority of HOCHTIEF managers have completed the anti-corruption program, and we’ve received a great deal of positive feedback. The program received quite a bit of attention, and – if you take a look at our internal surveys – it seems to have increased awareness for the issue.”

Dr. Lutz Schmidt, LL.M., Attorney, Corporate Compliance Counsel


20 Minute Compact Training Program on Information Security and Data Privacy at ING-DiBa

“Thank you very much again for your admirable efforts and patience! I can look back on extremely productive and professional partnership.”

Arthur Krispenz, Data Privacy Consultant

James Walker Group

“We use Sponge Compliance’s on-line training in relation to the UK Bribery Act for our group companies worldwide. We chose it over other products because it was written in plain English, was user-friendly and allowed us to tailor some aspects so they were more relevant to our Policies and Procedures. Sponge Compliance also offers the facility to provide the training tool in other languages, although we have not availed ourselves of this to date. It was well-received and has enabled us to reach a much larger audience than with other forms of training and, of course, has the added benefit of an audit trail so we know how employees are doing and whether they need extra help. The support from Sponge Compliance was very good, they worked closely with us before the launch and their after-sales service was excellent.”

Patricia Collins, Group Company Secretary

Kaufland Stiftung & Co. KG

Interactive PowerPoint presentation including video trailer for the compliance communication targeted at management staff

“The rollout is in very good progress. First feedback from the different countries is also very positive without exception (‘Something different for a change’).”

Oliver Hahn, Legal & Compliance

LANXESS Deutschland GmbH

Trade Compliance at LANXESS

“Our employees really liked the Trade Compliance tutorial. Sponge Compliance did an excellent job in adapting the standard tutorial to our needs, allowing our colleagues in the export control department to understand the current laws, regulations, guidelines, and procedures and to comply with the legal requirements that apply to LANXESS. The tutorial uses a modern, visual-based approach that combines both theory and practice. The company-specific examples helped increase awareness of trade compliance within all divisions of the company. Congratulations to the entire team!”

André Stein, Director Global Trade Compliance


Compliance for Banks and Data Privacy at MLP

“The instructional methodology used in Sponge Compliance’s tutorials never ceases to impress us. We particularly value Sponge Compliance's personal commitment and flexibility when it comes to tackling technical challenges.”

Jörg Theissing, Team Leader for E-Learning and CU Training Program Development, MLP Corporate University

NNE Pharmaplan

“We have had a good experience working with Sponge Compliance. Both the initial development and the technical support during the roll-out were prompt which was quite essential for a successful launch.”

Mia Ra Nielsen - Paralegal, Legal Department LL.B.

NNE Pharmaplan HQ, Kopenhagen

“This is the first time we have rolled out a mandatory e-learning programme in NNE Pharmaplan. As part of a future approach to compliance, basic training in Business Ethics was the first step. The main reason was the need to create further awareness on the policy and instruction on Business Ethics and considering time and resources, an e-learning programme was decided to be the most efficient method. The main focus for this project was to create awareness of the basics of our policy and ensure that our employees are able to recognise certain elements of potentially compromising situations and thus act in accordance with our policy and instruction. It’s not only about how we in fact conduct our business, but just as much how we are perceived to conduct our business.“

Charlotte Bertelsen, Legal Manager


Information Security Fundamentals at SAP

“I loved the training program, it was excellent. The overall presentation was great. It switches between real people with real explanations, informative text, and additional links and interactive exercises, making the topic both lively and interesting.”

Annette Fuchs


Compliance@SCHOTT: Anti-Corruption, Antitrust Law, Code of Conduct, Data Privacy and Export Controls

“Sponge Compliance is a competent partner with whom we were able to develop online training programs based on two very well-structured basic modules that are perfectly adapted to SCHOTT and the regulations in effect at our company. The positive comments from our employees on the format, content, and user-friendliness of the online training programs have convinced us to expand our SCHOTT compliance online training program together with Sponge Compliance, and realization for additional modules has already taken place (Code of conduct & compliance, Export controls, and Data privacy).”

Lars Steineck, Head of the Compliance Office

SGL Carbon SE

“The cooperation went very well. Our contacts at Sponge Compliance were always at our disposal and were very flexible. The incorporation of the changes to the programme went very smoothly. We found the Sponge Compliance team to be very client-orientated.”

Andrea Krönung, Compliance Services Manager


 “Overall, the support and cooperation with Sponge Compliance was fast and competent.“

Urs Prestinari, Senior Counsel

Wolseley plc

“Sponge Compliance has been responsive to our requests to change/ update the programme and has been very helpful when dealing with technical and general queries following the launch of the programme.”

Jenny Wilks, Corporate Counsel

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