Fair Supply Chains

Prevent Modern Slavery and Strengthen Human Rights

In working life, ethical and social factors play an increasingly important role alongside legal aspects. This also includes working conditions in the supply chain, which are increasingly attracting the attention of companies, not least because of the planned Supply Chain Act. If companies fail to meet their responsibilities in this area, they face negative headlines, boycotts by customers and, in the future, high penalties and sanctions by investors.

With the help of our e-learning "Fair working conditions", you can raise your employees' awareness of human rights and modern slavery in the labour context. In different lessons, they are introduced to the basic topic. Exemplary situations from practice, in which the learners accompany different protagonists, deepen the most important aspects of the topic. In addition to learning about ethical guidelines, the learners are positively motivated to make their own contribution to improving working conditions in the supply chain and to take responsibility. Numerous tasks, interactions, animations and sound throughout ensure a high level of e-learning. At the end there is a final test with a certificate.

Contents of this e-learning program

The tutorial consists of a number of self-contained lessons. You can pick and choose any combination of lessons depending on whether you want to use the standard product or would like more options. Click here to learn more about ’lessons’ and ’lesson types’.

  • Welcome & Intro
  • Basics: What is the meaning of fair working conditions?
  • Exemplary situation: Child labour
  • Exemplary situations: Wage dumping
  • Exemplary situations: Forced labour and exploitation
  • Exemplary situations: Hazardous workplaces
  • Test

Expert author

Eric Mayer, well-respected solicitor from GSK Stockmann – a leading, independent corporate law firm based in Germany – was appointed as expert author for our 'Fair Working Conditions in the Supply Chain' e-learning program. Eric Mayer’s main areas of expertise include corporate compliance, corporate governance and M&A. GSK Stockmann received the ‘Top Law Firm for Compliance’ award in 2019, while Eric Mayer has been nominated ‘Top Solicitor for Compliance’. You can find more information at www.gsk.de/en.

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