Preventing Corruption

Transparent, Honest Business Relationships

Corruption continues to be hot topic to this day. It can take many forms and occur anywhere at a company. For this reason, firms have tightened their anti-corruption guidelines and increased their focus on individual areas. To ensure honest, transparent business relationships, companies provide their employees with training commensurate with the level of risk they are exposed to.

You can use our ‘Corruption Prevention’ tutorial to teach your employees more about this global phenomenon. Here they learn what forms corruption takes, what the key laws are, and what consequences they face if violations occur. Your employees will also find out why the distinction between ‘public officials’ and ‘persons in the private sector’ is so critical and what they need to keep in mind at all times when selecting consultants and intermediaries. The program additionally provides them with information on how to deal properly with invitations and gifts and the particular risks and pitfalls they may encounter, using real-life examples to make the topic more accessible.

Contents of this e-learning program

The tutorial consists of a number of self-contained lessons. You can pick and choose any combination of lessons depending on whether you want to use the standard product or would like more options. Click here to learn more about ’lessons’ and ’lesson types’.

  • Welcome
  • What Is Corruption?
  • Corruption Around the World
  • Legal Foundations and Consequences
  • Public Officials and the Private Sector
  • Benefits and Gratuities
  • Benefits and Gratuities During the Holidays
  • Consultants and Intermediaries
  • Case Study: Anniversary Celebration
  • Case Study: A Business Trip to Bangkok
  • Case Study: What Should I Give as a Gift? (During Holiday Season)
  • Case Study: Gifts for Lara (During Holiday Season)
  • Test

Expert author

Jörg BielefeldExpertise for ‘Preventing Corruption’ is provided by Jörg Bielefeld, Partner at ADVANT Beiten's Munich and Frankfurt office and Head of the White Collar Crime and Compliance practice. His area of expertise comprises the whole field of white collar and tax crime, compliance consulting and criminal defence. Before joining ADVANT Beiten in 2006, Jörg Bielefeld worked as a lawyer in the white collar crime practice of Clifford Chance in Frankfurt am Main. For more information about Jörg Bielefeld please visit



Global companies such as Bayer, BMW, EVONIK, HeidelbergCement, Klöckner, SCHOTT, Vossloh, and ZEPPELIN use our e-learning programs on anti-corruption to train and raise the awareness of management and staff around the world.

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