Conflicts of Interests

Dealing with Potential Conflicts of Interests

Conflict of interest is often not easy to identify as they are often not openly discussed. A transparent and open approach helps to find solutions combining both private interests and the interests of a company. Sponge Compliance’s "Conflicts of Interest" training aims to raise awareness on conflicts of interest, so that employees learn how to identify and deal with them openly.

The course is based on an “elevator” concept which takes the learner through various business scenarios as they go from one floor to the next. On each floor, they are meeting different colleagues, ultimately reaching the top floor where the head of the company is located and where some final instructions and key messages are given. Before stepping into the elevator to go to the next floor, learners receive a wrap-up of some key guidelines relative to the business scenario provided on that same floor.

Contents of this e-learning program

"Conflicts of Interests" is a linear e-learning program without individual lessons or lesson types. It takes approx. 30 minutes to complete the training.

  • Introduction/Welcome
  • Recruitment (hiring friends/family)
  • Working with family/friends as business partners
  • Building a friendship with employees working for business partners (accepting “gifts”)
  • Business activities with former employers (responsible for the audit of a business partner who is also a  former employer)
  • Financial involvement in companies
  • Guidline, test
  • Certificate and summary


Dräger and Adecco are, amongst others, some of the clients that use our e-learning programs on dealing with conflicts of interests.

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