Fraud through Identity Theft

Recognising and preventing attempted fraud by 'fake CEOs' or 'fake vendors'

A number of companies have already been impacted by scams referred to as ‘CEO fraud’. Incidents such as these happen when people try to mislead employees who typically work in a company’s finance department and are authorised to handle financial transactions. They pretend to act on behalf of senior executives and trick employees into transferring large amounts of money. As these scams are so convincing, people can be duped into releasing funds, which can pose significant challenges to companies big and small.

Employees who are unaware and misinformed about the likelihood of a scam tend to be easy targets. Only trained employees who know the tricks and how to respond provide an effective barrier.

Our training programme, ‘Fraud through Identity Theft’ supports you in educating your employees about this kind of fraud, and informs them about how to deal with a suspected scam in a calm, effective manner.

Contents of the training programme, ‘Fraud through Identity Theft’

‘Fraud through identity theft’ is available as a single lesson. It can be used as a standalone training programme or as an additional lesson in a different training programme, e.g. ‘Information Security’. It takes about 25 minutes to work through the programme. Click here to learn more about ‘lessons’ and ‘lesson types’.

The programme will:

  • Provide a presentation of different potential scam scenarios
  • Focus on the two most frequent fraud attempts ‘CEO fraud’ and ‘vendor scams’
  • Raise awareness by including examples, warning signals and useful tips for the correct approach

Expert author

Dr. Johann BizerThe expert author of our CEO fraud tutorial is Dr. Johann Bizer – Chief Executive Officer at Dataport, an IT service provider for the public sector. Dr. Bizer has served as a Deputy Regional Representative for data security for many years, and is well-known for his numerous publications on data privacy, as well as being one of the publishers of the ‘Data Protection and Data Security’ journal. Learn more at



‘Fraud through Identity Theft’ is a joint initiative between Sponge Compliance and a large, worldwide active supplier to the automotive industry. Many companies have benefited from Sponge Compliance’s Information Security tutorials, including Bilfinger Berger, Infineon, LEONI and SAP.

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