Compliance Basics

Proper conduct in your day-to-day work

To this day, compliance violations are often considered nothing more than a trivial offense, even though many companies have drafted guidelines for employees that prescribe legally compliant conduct. Every employee at your company should know, understand, and feel obligated to comply with and implement these guidelines. Using e-learning programs to present basic information on compliance supports you in implementing your principles and guidelines, and helps to clarify the general importance of compliance within your company. The web-based training program on compliance basics combine awareness building, knowledge transfer, and company-wide communication.

The tutorial on compliance basics is the ideal starting point for a series of training programs on the various aspects of the broad topic of compliance. It can help raise basic awareness of the issue among your employees while also serving as a general introduction to more specific training courses on topics like combating corruption or competition law.

Contents of this e-learning program

The tutorial consists of a number of self-contained lessons. You can pick and choose any combination of lessons depending on whether you want to use the standard product or would like more options. Click here to learn more about ’lessons’ and ’lesson types’.

  • Welcome
  • What is compliance?
  • Compliance in daily life
  • Compliance in daily life (for financial service providers)
  • Consequences of violations
  • Consequences of violations (for financial service providers)
  • Compliance at the company
  • Reporting tips to our ombudsperson
  • Our whistleblower system
  • Recognizing money laundering and responding appropriately
  • CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Case study: Fair business transactions (subject: compliance in general)
  • Case study: The aspiring student (subject: anticorruption)
  • Case study: A call for bids (subject: antitrust-law)
  • Case study: A day at the office (subject: dealing with information)
  • Case study: An old classmate (subject: money laundering)
  • Case study: A night out with friends (subject: securities trading act)
  • Case study: A stock purchase gone bad (subject: insider information, securities trading act)
  • Case study: The search for a successor (subjects: data protection, anticorruption, fraud)
  • Test

Expert authors

For the learning programme 'Compliance Basics', we rely on the expertise of several expert authors. These include Dr. Gina Greeve (partner at the law firm MGR in Frankfurt), Dr. Johann Bizer (CEO of Dataport) and experts from the law firms Noerr and GSK Stockmann. Further information on the respective expert authors can be found on our expert authors page.


We developed ‘Compliance Basics’ e-learning programs for Altana, Bayer, Bilfinger Berger, BMW, Bosch, Computacenter, EnBW, E-PLUS, Fujitsu, HeidelbergCement, LEONI, SCHOTT, TUI, voestalpine, Vossloh, ZEPPELIN and many more.

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