Compliance training

Compliance e-learning as a method for employee training

Sponge Compliance will provide you with fully developed compliance e-learning programs that are ideal for both basic awareness training and expert training. The content for the e-learning programs have been developed by well-known experts and based on applicable legal norms as well as company codes of conduct, internal corporate guidelines, and compliance organisational structures. Our e-learning programs can be tailored to suit the individual needs of a company.

Why choose e-learning for compliance training?

In many companies e-learning is recognised as an effective tool for training employees. E-learning has many advantages such as: It enables independent learning that is flexible with regard to time and location. It is also both time- and cost-effective, as a large number of participants can undertake the same training in various locations and languages within a short period of time. Compliance e-learning helps employees be aware of the possible risks and sanctions in the event of violations. Furthermore, employees are provided with instruction on compliance with laws and regulations and guidance on what actions and types of support is available to them.

Get to know our ‘Mix & Match’ concept!

Our ‘Mix & Match’ approach offers a fresh, intuitive, and exploratory way of compliance e-learning. What’s special here is that you can mix and match the lessons and lesson types to best meet your needs. Click through the highlights and get to know ‘Mix & Match’!

What is a ’lesson’?

The e-learning programs consist of a number of self-contained lessons that vary by subject. You can combine the lessons relevant to your company. Thus, you create your individual compliance training by using our modular system. In addition, you can use single lessons as refreshers for extra trainings. This helps to keep a subject fresh and up-to-date in the minds of your employees over a longer period of time. Refreshers can be replaced over the years, so that new aspects of a subject can be trained in a continuous and effective way.

What is a ’lesson type’?

This refers to the various methods used to prepare and communicate information. ‘Old friends’, such as text-based and visual materials as well as single/multiple choice exercises, are now augmented by a new video format (‘you ask, we answer’), animated sequences in the form of a ‘timeline’ or ‘zoom in,’ and simulations like ‘newspaper choice.’ One and the same lesson may be available in different lesson types, and you decide which ones you want to use. This gives you greater flexibility and allows you to design your e-learning program to meet your specific needs, thus providing your employees with a more dynamic experience when taking a training program.

Can the e-learning programs be customised to meet the needs of the customer?

Sponge Compliance can customise the e-learning programs to meet the needs of the specific company. It is possible to make design modifications and integrate company-specific content and documents into the e-learning programs. You can also provide learners with targeted information on the types of support available in your company, for example, by presenting your compliance organisation and compliance contact partners as well as any possible methods to report violations.

Festo - Handling Information
Deutsche Post DHL - Handling Employee Data
Infront - Compliance & IT-Security
Infront - Compliance Challenge
Axel Springer - Code of Conduct
Dräger - Use of external professionals

What languages are the e-learning programs available in?

In general, our training programmes are available in English and German. For international purposes, we are more than happy to develop other language versions, like Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Chinese (simplified). Please get in touch with us for questions about the availability of language versions!

Is the content available in different formats?

As your compliance tutorial is important for implementing your compliance programme, you need to ensure that the training content is accessible to all employees and in-depth training can be provided. Alongside compliance communication as an accompanying measure for raising awareness for your e-learning program, we also support you by providing alternative and supplementary training material on request. We can produce content from your e-learning program for on-site training seminars as well as for employers at workstations that do not have a computer. All of the material will be professionally designed with uniform graphics and corresponds to the e-learning program in terms of content and educational value.

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