Compliance Learning Management System

Roll-out and documentation of your compliance training made easy

Our proven Compliance-LMS learning platform is an essential tool of the compliance organisation. It satisfies complex compliance requirements and makes it possible to professionally organise company-wide and international training scenarios in an automated manner.

Our Compliance-LMS is tailored to your requirements, can be customised to the specific needs of the customer and is easy to manage. The all-round carefree package covers user and course management and training organisation right through to comprehensive, audit-proof reporting. The LMS is used as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), eliminating the need for installation in your network.

Release of liability and audit security

Using our Compliance-LMS ensures that your compliance training is conducted without any risk of liability and documented in an audit-proof manner. You can create reports on allocation, due date and user learning status at the push of a button.

Data privacy

Data privacy is a priority with our Compliance-LMS. Compliance with the respective data privacy regulations is regularly monitored by external data protection officers.

German Works Council Constitution Act

Our Compliance-LMS strictly adheres to all of the guidelines set out in the German Works Council Constitution Act. This ensures that learners are not subject to any kind of performance or behavioural monitoring, for example. We are happy to support you and/or your employee representative by answering frequently asked questions and dispelling any data privacy concerns when using our LMS.

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