ISO 19600 certification

Certification of your compliance management system according to ISO 19600

A certificate for your compliance management system (CMS) allows you to substantiate the integrity of your company and present yourself as a reliable business partner.

In cooperation with Austrian Standards, Sponge Compliance supports interested companies in getting their compliance management systems certified in accordance with the ISO 19600 standard. Ever since the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published the ISO 19600 standard for compliance management systems in December 2014, many companies have organised their CMS in accordance with the standard. Its decisive advantage over local or regional standards is clear. ISO 19600 incorporates approaches taken by previous standards and is recognised and can be applied by all organisational structures of all sizes internationally and in all industries. What this means in practice is that business partners on different continents can share a common language regarding their CMS and understand each other easily.

What does the certification process involve?

To initiate the process, it is necessary to apply for certification by submitting an application to Austrian Standards, the certification body. We fill in the relevant application form together with you and submit it to Austrian Standards for you. Some basic information is required for the application form, such as information about the holder of the certificate or the locations and business units for which the certificate is valid.

Pre-audit as part of the initial certification (level 1)
The pre-audit is conducted on the basis of the documents you submitted either at your site or at ours, depending on the agreement. As part of the pre-audit, auditors carry out the first audit activities, such as inspecting the CMS documentation. The scope is determined and the level of maturity of your CMS with respect to certification is also ascertained. The audit findings are documented and discussed with you.

Main audit as part of the initial certification audit (level 2)
The main audit takes place on site and sees auditors examine the effectiveness of your CMS for the previously defined scope. In the process, various departments and organisational units of your company are involved in the audit. This is primarily achieved by conducting interviews with individual employees and discussing processes related to the compliance management system. The audit is generally conducted by one lead auditor and one co-auditor. If the auditors discover deviations from the certification criteria that preclude certification, you are provided with corresponding stipulations for their elimination.

Audit report and certificate
All of the information gathered in the pre-audit and main audit is analysed, evaluated and summarised in an audit report. It is on this basis that the certification body decides whether and under what conditions the certificate is issued. The certificate is valid for three years.

Monitoring audit and recertification
A recertification audit is carried out after three years in order to maintain and renew the certificate. The CMS is examined in its entirety, just as during the main audit. Monitoring audits take place every 12 months between the initial audit and recertification, however, only part of the compliance management system is audited. Similar to the recertification process, monitoring audits are conducted at your site. Here, the auditors ensure that your CMS still satisfies the requirements of the ISO 19600 standard.

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