Support & optimisation

Support and optimisation

You know your compliance risks, your compliance management is in place and you have the right platforms and tools to ensure seamless compliance management. It sounds as if everything has been taken care of. Unfortunately, when it comes to compliance, there are no guarantees. This is because laws, regulations, guidelines and the corporate environment are all constantly changing. We can advise you on how to keep up. We use ongoing coaching sessions to keep your compliance officers and the relevant target groups, such as the supervisory board, up-to-date with the latest knowledge.

Status quo and effectiveness check

With our Integrity Compass, we regularly check whether your compliance measures are still appropriate, effective and sustainable. If necessary, we create a catalogue of measures in which we document both new and adjusted measures.

Risk analyses

Your risk profile should also be subject to regular review. To this end, we analyse emerging risks and monitor risks that have already been identified. As well as updating your specification sheet, you also receive suggestions on how to optimise or adjust individual measures to modified framework conditions.

Strategy and management consultation

After covering all of the optimisation potential, we provide you with a road map that includes a project plan for adjusted compliance measures that you have already implemented. We also provide support if it is necessary to introduce new measures. In the event that you are lacking resources for project management and implementation, our experts are also on hand to provide consultation and coordination services.

ISO19600 certification support

Companies can substantiate their integrity and present themselves as reliable business partners in all legal and organisational areas by getting their CMS certified. We advise and support organisations and companies to implement ISO 19600, preparing them to have their compliance management systems certified in accordance with the ISO 19600 standard by Austrian Standards.

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