Workshops: compliance evaluation and risk profile

Our compliance workshops for risk analysis and planning

We use selected workshops to provide you with effective support as you implement your compliance program. Depending on the topic, the one-day events are designed for decision makers, specialists and managers as well as employees from the relevant business units and are presented by our experienced compliance experts.

Compliance evaluation workshop

Many companies have already implemented some of the pillars of a CMS, often without even realising it. It is necessary to evaluate what is already in place and what an effective CMS can build on in order to be able to efficiently implement further compliance measures. We use the compliance evaluation workshop to work together with you on the necessary steps to further develop your CMS. The aim is to determine guidelines, requests, requirements and expenditure and provide decision makers with a solid basis of information while taking compliance conformity into consideration. The results are used to precisely illustrate the required internal and external expenditures and measures.

Compliance risk profile workshop

Introducing an adequate and fully effective compliance management system (CMS) requires a sophisticated risk analysis as an important foundation. As part of our compliance risk profile workshop, we identify and evaluate your risk fields together. The results of these analyses are detailed in a risk report and used for recommending specific compliance measures. In the end, you receive a roadmap that describes how to reduce risks.

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