Consultation on compliance training

Consultation on e-learning as compliance training

Companies and organisations approach the implementation of their compliance strategies differently and their initial situations and requirements may also vary significantly. There are many questions that need to be clarified when preparing e-learning training measures, including the following:

  • How should international companies deal with existing different legal frameworks and cultural characteristics when implementing company-wide compliance training?
  • How can the needs and demands of the different target groups be best met?
  • How can the e-learning components be optimally tuned to the introduction and/or already existing compliance documents and offers?
  • How can language versions and updates be efficiently and consistently implemented?
  • What is the optimal form for the verification, documentation, and certification of the training measures?
  • Is compliance training codetermination obligatory, and when and how do I involve the works council?
  • How can long-term learning and transfer success be facilitated and ensured?
  • To ensure a continual and effective change and improvement process, what are the best methods to initiate an ongoing exchange between the relevant managerial and/or general staff and the compliance officers?
  • How is it possible to impart values using e-learning and effect a change in behaviour?

We are happy to advise you on these and other issues concerning your compliance training strategy.

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