Measures & management

Compliance measures and compliance management

We have jointly identified your compliance risks and planned the necessary compliance measures and designed and implemented your compliance programme. Initial measures are either already in force or are soon to be rolled out. The next step should involve your use of the right platforms and tools to automate your compliance processes, simplify their management and document the processes in an audit-proof manner. However, do not forget to continuously conduct risk analyses. This is the only means of identifying new compliance topics and ensuring that the need for action can be identified in good time.

Selection, set-up and operation of platforms and tools

To simplify compliance management for you, we provide advice on technical systems and assume responsibility for set-up and operation, where necessary. This includes:

  • Whistleblowing: Provide your employees with access to a suitable whistleblowing channel (such as an e-mail-based whistleblowing tool).
  • Case management: Document your compliance cases in an audit-proof manner.
  • Learning management: Make your compliance tutorials available throughout the company.
  • Risk analysis and management: Support risk management as well as regularly conducted risk analyses.
  • Reporting platform: Collect and evaluate all of the relevant information from the tools listed above.

Further guidelines and FAQ

Continuous risk analysis allows you to see whether further compliance topics have become relevant. Where necessary, we develop additional guidelines and FAQ or support you in further developing existing documents and subsequently rolling them out.

Further communication measures and training programs

New compliance topics may make further training programs and the accompanying communication measures necessary. We are on hand to advise you during the design and implementation stages and we can assume responsibility for all project management and implementation tasks if required.

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