ACP – Anti-Corruption Training Solution with Pohlmann & Company

ACP: Anti-Corruption Training Solution

Bribery and venality are still widespread problems across the world, as the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) published annually by Transparency International demonstrates. At the same time, customers, business associates and law enforcement authorities are ramping up the pressure on companies to combat corruption. In order to avoid putting their international business in jeopardy, companies have to enforce anti-corruption guidelines and enact awareness-raising measures among all employees.

The anti-corruption training solution developed by Pohlmann & Company and Sponge Compliance helps companies to ensure that their employees are able to identify risky situations and consciously apply anti-corruption guidelines in their day-to-day work. Confronting everyday dilemmas through the programme allows employees to become more aware of potential risks and boosts their knowledge of international anti-corruption legislation and guidelines.

The learning process is further supported by interactive business scenarios and practical examples, which the international Pohlmann team has compiled based on its years of experience in compliance-related roles. Playful elements like a game of chess at the start of the training programme and a virtual train journey at the end of each section break up the training programme and ensure a consistently high level of motivation.

E-learning programme content

The anti-corruption training programme developed by Pohlmann & Company and Sponge Compliance is made up of three sections, including a test. The programme takes approx. 30 minutes to complete.

  • Why should I be able to identify risks of corruption?
  • Which anti-corruption guidelines are in place at my company?
  • How should I proceed in tricky situations?

The e-learning programme doesn’t require sound reproduction, other than for the optional video or audio messages.

Our partner

Pohlmann & Company is the first interdisciplinary law firm and business consultancy with a clear focus on compliance and corporate governance. It specialises in developing specific solutions and operates internationally, putting together hard-hitting interdisciplinary teams with former managers from industry, first-class solicitors and experienced consultants. You can find more information at

The Monster Game refresher course

A successful long-term compliance strategy doesn’t just rely on effective one-off training sessions, but is also supported by the learner having to regularly revise and test their knowledge. In our Monster Game refresher course, the learner has to defeat a series of monsters by answering the questions correctly. The playful components of the game motivate the learner to answer as many questions as possible. The refresher course can also be flexibly adapted to meet your requirements – for example, by replacing the monsters with game characters, tools, office furniture or avatars of your company in order to boost your employees’ level of identification with the refresher course.


Anti-corruption training courses developed by Pohlmann & Company and Sponge Compliance are used by companies such as Arkema, Bucher, Brenntag, Daikin and Franke.

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