Compliance communication

Success through compliance communication

Whether your company is just starting out or already in the process of setting up a compliance programme, it is always necessary to implement an appropriate and consistent, target-oriented communication strategy to accompany your compliance measures that is consistent, regular and begins right from the start. Communication is an essential component for the success of your compliance programme.

Reach the key target groups

Your compliance tutorial is aimed at various target groups such as employees, managers, suppliers and customers. As such, your communication measures should also be planned according to target groups in order to ensure awareness and understanding of compliant conduct.

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Bring compliance to life

We can show you how to bring compliance to life for employees to ensure that it does not remain an abstract concept. First we assess the extent of compliance implementation within your company, record your target groups and the available communication channels. By analysing this information, it enables us to make initial recommendations to support the creation and implementation of an effective communication strategy for your company.

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