Data privacy and information security

Every employee is responsible for protecting data and information

Industry 4.0, big data and the Internet of Things mean opportunities, perspectives and the future, but they also mean a flood of data and information density. The use of social media, the merging of private and professional life and trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) complicate the overall view and control of sensitive information and data.

Protecting sensitive information, complying with data privacy regulations and protecting expertise while simultaneously remaining flexible has become a central issue in every organisation. Technical measures are important components but fall far short of what is needed. Human error and  carelessness are the most common causes of data/information leaks and violations. The reasons are often assiciated with insufficient information, a low level of awareness and a lack of training.

Sponge Compliance supports you through training programs, communication and organisational measures. With our help we'll raise the level of understanding among your employees and thereby create the necessary awareness to minimise the risk of a data or information leak and protect your expertise.


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Data privacy training: How companies use e-learning to raise employees’ awareness of handling personal data correctly pursuant to GDPR

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