Compliance management

What does my organisation have to do in order to be compliant?

Avoiding violations in organisations is one of the most important aspects in economic operations. The harm and damage that can be done when an employee or business partner does not adhere to rules and laws can quickly become enormous and be detrimental to an organisations credibility.

As a result, compliance management becomes an important task in the company. It includes all of the tasks and measures that result in compliance and ensure compliance over the long term. The compliance management system (CMS) is key here.

Management systems are already in use in other areas and often already anchored in the company, so they are understood in principle. Compliance management systems can often build on existing systems and complement them accordingly. Sponge Compliance shows you how you can implement them in your organisation.

Our range of compliance services are based on scientifically established methods as well as relevant international standards such as the ISO 19600 standard on compliance management systems and the ISO 37001 standard on anti-bribery management systems.

Our experts support you in planning, developing and setting up a CMS appropriate for your organisation. Get in touch with us!

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