Bribery and corruption offences

Corruption is a global problem

Bribery, corruption, kickbacks, accepting advantages – these are just a few of the symptoms that represent the threat to the integrity, reputation and profitability of your organisation. Corruption has many faces and includes gifts, benefits in kind and other tokens or favours as well as financial benefits.

It is prominent and high profile. The reputational damage of corruption cases is enormous. Sanctions may even threaten the very existence of the organisation. Corruption is a devious process that is often identified too late. The days of brown envelopes and black briefcases have now been augmented by numerous other activities.

It is not without reason that corruption is a criminal offence in virtually all countries. Preventing corruption is one of the key challenges for organisations, be they companies, public authorities or non-profit associations. Information, education, training and transparency are essential components to ensure effective protection.

Sponge Compliance supports you and your organisation in the fight against corruption. We help you protect yourself with measures to provide education and create awareness and transparency. We actively support you in combating corruption, from the very top of the organisation, the guiding principles and exemplary behaviour, appropriate guidelines and directives right through to tutorials and training courses.

A commitment to fight corruption in whatever form it may take is part of the corporate culture. Sponge Compliance helps you make this commitment come alive.

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