Compliance-releated issues

Compliance – More than just rules

A focus on values and following rules is a central aspect of our social order. We base our conduct on guidelines that help us to associate with one another. Some of these rules – legal regulations – are prescribed by the state and serve as a framework, while others are derived from traditional conduct, conventions or voluntary rules that we focus on every day and comply with for the most part.

This is no different in the business world. In addition to legal regulations, contracts and agreements, for example, create an important basis for us to associate with one another. Other important factors are company guiding principles, codes of conduct and directives that help to ensure the organisation is compliant.

Compliance? I know all about it!

As you can see, compliance is a broad field. It’s likely that you have already encountered compliance or even non-compliance at one point or another. Watch the following video to gain a first impression of selected compliance-related issues.

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