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Our compliance network

We work hand-in-hand with strong and trustworthy partners in the design, construction, distribution, and expansion of our compliance solutions. With our membership in topical networks we support the exchange of best practices.

The Association of Compliance Managers (BCM)

Since its foundation in 2013, the Professional Association of Compliance Managers (BCM) has grown to become the leading professional association for compliance managers in the German-speaking world with around 1,000 members. Its members – exclusively in-house compliance officers from companies, associations and other organisations – are personally and voluntarily involved. The BCM also represents the interests of the profession and acts as its mouthpiece at the political level with the aim of contributing to the strengthening and development of a clearly defined professional self-image vis-à-vis the public, business and politics. With its network, consisting of regionally and professionally oriented groups, the BCM promotes cross-industry exchange within the association and represents the interests of its members beyond that.


BVMW - The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Sponge Compliance is a member of the BVMW - The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses. The BVMW is a politically independent association which caters for all commercial branches and professions, and represents the interests of small and medium-sized businesses in politics, with administrative authorities, with trade unions and with major companies.

Business Keeper AG

For more than 15 years, Berlin based Business Keeper protects both the whistleblower and his/her employer using a technically and legally secure channel of communication for grievances and risks, whilst contributing to the development of a value-based corporate culture of integrity. The company’s clients include international corporations and medium-sized businesses, banks, insurance companies, public authorities, healthcare, non-profit organisations, and anti-corruption organisations all over the world. More than 5 million workers employed by our clients have access to the BKMS® System (excluding suppliers and partners). If you include authorities who use BKMS® Systems, that number increases to around 185 million potential users.

Center for Business Compliance & Integrity - CBCI

In May 2103 Sponge Compliance in cooperation with the HTWG Konstanz launched the Center for Business Compliance & Integrity (CBCI). The privately funded research institute is located at the Konstanz Institut für Corporate Governance (KICG), and focuses on research on Corporate Compliance, Business Ethics and Integrity Management. Focal point of the CBCI is Compliance for Medium Enterprises, the German “Mittelstand”, reflecting the increased impact legal compliance has for the sector. Knowing the compliance requirements for those organisations is essential for successful Compliance Management. The CBCI focuses on identifying these requirements and answering the question of what defines an appropriate and effective Compliance Management System. Identifying the demand and the basic requirements before developing a suitable implementation and audit model that take into account the specific situation of the “Mittelstand” are of key interest to the CBCI.

Compliance Academy

The Compliance Academy offers trainings, seminars and workshops providing tailored expert compliance knowledge. Compliace Academy partners with European University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder, so that customers benefit from the direct transfer of knowledge from research and education into businesses.

Compliance and Risk Consultancy (CRC) - The Compliance Experts

A specialised, independent compliance consultancy, CRC brings together highly qualified and experienced professional compliance experts across a wide range of sectors. CRC experts’ team is spread geographically across the UK from the north of Scotland, South West of England and Northern Ireland, with a Head Office in London. CRC prides itself on offering clients a bespoke service to suit unique needs. CRC provides its clients with a structured methodology for thinking about compliance and risk; building customer satisfaction and improved performance into the compliance process. CRC works with its clients to help them develop and implement compliance strategies tailored to their specific business models and needs. In addition CRC provides the necessary tools and legal competence to assess and monitor compliance and manage risk.

DICO – Deutsches Institut für Compliance e. V.

DICO – German Institute of Compliance – was founded on September 28th 2012 in Berlin. It acts as a central forum for the consequent and practical promotion and development of compliance in Germany.


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