About Sponge Compliance

About Sponge Compliance

As one of Europe’s leading providers of compliance solutions, Sponge Compliance supports organisations to comply with laws, regulations and guidelines. We are committed to helping organisations protect their values, reputation and competitive advantage, and serve a customer base of international blue-chip companies, public and private organisations, corporations and businesses of all sizes and across all industry sectors. 

Our portfolio is focused on compliance training via e-learning, ranging from off-the-shelf, customised or specifically tailored online courses. Additional consulting services for risk analysis, code of conduct, communication and compliance perception are also available to support you in embedding a culture of integrity within your organisation. 

In our work, we follow and implement the recommendations provided in established standards such as ISO 19600, ISO 37001, PS 980, the UN Global Compact and guidance on the UK Bribery Act. Together with the Centre for Business Compliance & Integrity at the University of Konstanz we developed framework concepts for effective compliance management based on these standards.


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